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EZI Insurance

Protecting yourself from the unexpected is something we all have to do. Insurance assures us of that protection.

Finance EZI’s team of insurance experts make sure the cover you require is suitable to your needs. By carefully selecting the best option from Australia’s leading Insurers, we provide all support and services to protect you from any unforeseen situation. We can help with insurance your car, your home, your loans, your overseas travel and much more.

You can’t put a dollar value on what a proper insurance cover can mean to you, as it covers the unexpected. Finance EZI has a team of Insurance specialists who will help you choose the best cover, manage affordable premiums and guide you through the application process.

What is Finance EZI's Product Range?

Our product range includes:

  • Household Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Credit and loan repayment insurance
  • Disability and Living Insurance
  • Income Protection and Business insurance.
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